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Say yes: opening doors to Montessori
Say yes: opening doors to Montessori

Montessori went down to Georgia
Montessori went down to Georgia

Collaborating for policy change Dr. Mia Ford, principal at Huntley Hills Montessori and Elementary School in DeKalb County, Georgia, had a prob-lem. She was always looking for Mon-tessori teachers, but when she found them, she couldn’t hire them. “Every hiring […]

Credential Recognition for Montessori Training

This article appears in the Spring 2018 print issue of MontessoriPublic. Eight states now recognize the diploma, with more on the way We have a crisis in Montessori public Schools. There is a shortage of Montessori credentialed teachers.  The Montessori credential is not […]

Public, Private, or Something in Between? A New Model for Montessori Schools

We usually think of Montessori schools as one of two things: public or private. But there’s another model: “Tuition-based, access-oriented” schools…

Montessori Partnerships Blossom
in the Peach State

Let’s say you’re someone who has discovered Montessori, and experienced its transformative power for children, and you’ve begun to ask yourself, how can this model of education be available for all children, not just the relative few who can afford […]